To Enable Smart Construction Collaboration

Digital Transformation for Construction Site

With the competition becoming more and more intense in construction industry, a key trend for construction industry is  to embrace and accelerate the digital transformation in construction sites in order to improve the management ability. At the current stage, many construction sites are facing the following challenges: 

Lack of digital management tools, low efficiency.

The process data is unknown, stakeholders cannot get the real-time statue of site.

Lack of data sharing, not central storage of process data.

Complex construction task needs multiple parties, a better communication principle and information system is necessary.

Lack of digital proof for the design changes which cause loss to all. 

Unable to check 3D model at the construction site

HOLOSITE Solution 

By taking advantage of the power of mixed reality, IOT and 360 camera, holosite is an end-to-end solution for capturing, sharing and analyzing the project data in construction site. With holosite, construction company can easily build a full life-cycle project digital assets system to improve site management. 

Key features

360 Monitoring

360°panorama plus detail pictures helps project managers collect site images  in all directions and create a full life-cycle project data library

Sharing and Collaboration

Cloud based data storage allows all the site workers to share data and collaborate more easily.  Mobile apps are provided to enable work on the move. 

Location Service

The solution supports the establishment of position index according to the architectural design scheme, combined with the indoor positioning system to collect pictures in the site.

Mixed Reality View

By combining the mixed reality technology and the positioning system,  MR devices are used to visualize the project data in a revolutionary interactive way. 

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