MR Training
For Smart Factory Industry 4.0

Traditional Training vs MR Training

Paper-based Training Material is Hard to Understand

Traditional paper-based instruction is too simple to describe complex operating process and it will cause high cost and time waste.

Intuitive 3D Animation Improves Comprehension

The 3D instructions in the format of mixed reality display operation steps by intuitive 3D animation overlaid on the real world to achieve higher comprehension and unitarity.

Uninteresting Training Results Bad Effect

Traditional paper-based instruction requires professional knowledge to understand, which is not friendly for users.  The dull and dry training content lower trainee's patience and efficiency.

Hand-free and Interaction Makes Training More Effective

User could watch and interact with the 3d instructions via  MR devices at the same time when operating.

Knowledge Retention is Difficult

Paper storage causes risk of loss and high cost of distribution and maintenance. The dimission of experienced worker always result in knowledge loss.

Business 3D Knowledge Library Shared in Cloud

Cloud-based storage makes it much easier to maintain and update. Everyone could check the latest training content anytime anywhere.

CMS for EFFICIENT content creation and management

Users without any professional CAD knowledges and skills could create smart instructions by uploading multimedia materials such as images and audios in admin portal and preview it immediately. The public and UGC-supported model library will provide common 3D models to make content creation more convenient and efficient.

Reality+ and spatialization

Training content and real environment could be combined based on computer vision and real-time reconstruction technology to make operation instruction more intuitive and accurate. The unique 3D orientation technology could place training content in real environment and synchronize spatial location rapidly.

Mixed Reality View

It gives users immersive experience to display animated 3D content with text and voice instruction based on mixed reality technology. Users could be hand-free thanks to headset equipment such as Hololens so that they could watch and operate at the same to achieve higher efficiency.

application scenarios

Enterprise Operation Training

Using the smart training system based on mixed reality in worker‘s operation training in factory could help enterprise improve efficiency, save cost and reduce the risk caused by worker's inexperience.

Standard 3D SOP

Making 3D operation document by the smart AR training system could help enterprise improve standardized management level and reduce the risk caused by nonstandard operation.

AR Product Specification

Displaying product specification and operation process by AR after consumers buying the product or in some off-line marketing activities could help consumers learn about the product much easier and give them more interesting experience.

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